Monday, August 29, 2016

Garden 2016

The meandering path on the left was me trying to find Lake Worther See! I finally discovered it in all it's glory after three days of wandering in the maze. So, when John got off work that evening we gathered our picnic stuff and I told him he would LOVe it! Well darn, I got us lost again, we did finally find it but I think he was over it by then. As was I, because hiking is not my thing.
I spent one whole day of our trip art journaling in the room with the beautiful vista of the Alps all around me. It was great! I found such wonderful art supplies over there and after bringing five journals I added to the collection.  Guess I was homesick because I put Paula on youtube and tried to do her daffodil. Her page turned out much better.

 Obscene amount of pollen on my morning glories. Cass county farmers "What have you done with our bees?" And I am not kidding around about that either. For the last three years no honey bees only bumble bees, grass hoppers and butterflies.

Austria was beautiful but I can see that "Micky's garden" inspired the bright colors in my journaling over there. This is what I came home to!

Well, actually no swans in the pool thank goodness, those things shit like a cow! I was shocked along with another little girl I observed.

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