Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ice dyeing

Will update post once I've finished the project. I guess I need to microwave for 4 minutes and rinse the heck out of them, then wash. Sure hope they are cute. I did three t-shirts and most of my white socks.

Finally found my ice dyeing file so I could update my blog. I really love my new socks! The shirts are cute too, I did not follow all instructions so hoping to do a little better next time. I do plan on ironing some freezer paper on one of these shirts and further embellish it with some mixed media techniques. I love them as they are but so tired of thinking about arting on my shirts that I'm going to go ahead and try some of the things I think about ALL the time.


Cindi said...

Love the colors, can't wait to see end results. So was the ice way easier????

Micky Nuessen said...

It was so fun Cindi. Do you like them?