Sunday, November 13, 2016

Trump this!

I watched an art video this morning that suggested we artists use our tools to express how we are feeling. This is what I came up with...Trump made the yearbook journal.

Stayed up really late and refashioned Riki's bed. I cut one of those fancy rubber pillows in half and used that to cushion the base.  Left the upper loose for a blankie.  Of course it is messed up. That is how I sew.
The last zinnia of the season. Ramone pulled all the stepping stones and pots out of the skinny bed and tilled in all kinds of good dirt and peat for next year. The canna's had multiplied and since we had to dig them for the tilling I put them downstairs for the winter. That is the suggested way to grow canna in my frostzone #5. My father in law leaves his in the ground year round and never has a problem, so will put them back in the ground next spring and leave them. They started out in the big pots but did not get enough water so put them in the ground. Can't wait to grow my lettuce in the big pots next spring. 

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