Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas cactus

Riki is channeling my mother's dog Jackson in this picture. If you knew him then you know how terrifying this is! Good thing it was just the light because he really doesn't except for the fact that he is the exactly same size as the dear departed Jackson. I will admit that he does scare me when playing, he lunges to my face and kisses me really hard, Jackson on the other hand would lunge at your face when playing, and bite your fucking nose off. Or your boob, as my good friend Cathy reminded me. We both were lucky and healed but I had to have stitches along with my brother and I'm sure others. The dog was crazy and mean and my mother thought it was a great pet to have around.

 I must have moved the cactus just in time for Christmas blooms. It didn't bloom last year by the kitchen window so I moved it to this window and it seems like it bloomed overnight.

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