Monday, December 12, 2016

10 thousand village haul

 This was such a great idea until I tipped it while cleaning up the other night. Dripped ink everywhere and mixed the colors! I would throw the mess away if I weren't such a hoarder. It stains my hands every time I touch it.

 THIS is very exciting for me! I have been hunting punchinella for years and years!!! I bet I have five or six circle stencils to try to get the look and my husband said, "does this mean we don't have to look for drywall tape anymore", :) "yep". Quest completed!

 I must be twelve because both the spirograph and coloring book are for me. :)

 My sweet husband took me to the "Ten Thousand Villages" shop in Overland Park, KS. Of course I found art supplies to buy...they had such a good price on the carved wood stamps that I had to have five for $20. Cheap cheap cheap, I paid close to twenty for the big paisley at my scrapbook store.

 I like this version of the zinnia more than the last. Still overworking the paint and practicing. Hope to get better.

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