Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New flannel!

My flannel showed up from my JoAnn's order! They sent me extra yardage for free and all of it is really nice!

I spent yesterday pre-washing the fabric and drafting a pattern for pj's. I've lost a lot of weight since I last made them so I made a new one. Freezer paper works great for me because I hate pins and I just iron it to my fabric and peel it off after I cut it out. Reusable and not near as flimsy as tissue. 

I must have channeled my auntie because I made a muslin pair to check my sizing.

John helped me measure my body the other day.  I put on a pair of long underwear so I wouldn't freeze and we measured everywhere! He enjoyed it more than he should have, ha. We have been married for thirty five years and this old gal is showing the age. (Life is tough, but so am I.)

With all that done yesterday I spent today ironing the fabric and got all four pairs cut out and ready to sew! Trying to make them in an assembly line so I can get them done quickly so I can spend the rest of the winter all warm and cute and cozy and play with my new watercolors and alcohol inks! They haven't all arrived, but should be on the way! Merry Christmas to ME! If they get here before the pants are done it won't be good. 

 It was so warm on Christmas day I opened all my windows and doors and cleared that stale energy of 2016. That was good.

 Had to add a Happy New Year message to my Christmas cards because they did not go out in time.

Is it wrong to have fifteen different blue gel pens in your studio? If so, then I am going to hell in a hand a basket! AND, I did not find the perfect match for the manganese blue Archival Ink I had used with the gelli plate!

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