Saturday, December 31, 2016

JoAnn's Christmas haul

After ordering this three times I finally got my shit together and ended up with the best Christmas present ever! I wish I knew how to stream because I would make my palette's of ink and my colorburst online!  I hear the girls are having a stream-a-thon over the New Year, looking forward to that.
 Do you think my new pj pants are too bright? Ha!

Three pair down one to go. Just need to finish up the hem and waist of the fourth. So cute and I am really getting better at sewing, never thought that would happen.

It helps to have a good machine and my husband fixed my serger for me.

I will try to take pictures of the the last pair because I actually had to deconstruct a previous pair to figure out how I made that cute hem. Not that hard, but I could not figure it out without taking it apart.

Can't believe I messed that order up so many times but glad I repeated it over and over. It was worth it! Four pairs of pj's for only $32 bucks. The inks were on sale $5.99 for three, and I got the colorburst through Amazon with credit card points so they were free! What a HAUL!

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J-Lin said...

These are beautiful! Well done!