Saturday, January 14, 2017

First play with my new alcohol inks!

Okay, WOW! I know why I wanted these inks so bad. I spent the morning just dripping the inks onto some stencils laid on yupo paper. I used two pieces of paper and sandwiched the stencils in between them. (Too much ink on top to waste and I liked the top piece better. Looked like a fail but I felt it was a learning experience.

Came back this afternoon and cut them into some atc blanks and made a couple of greeting cards. I LOVE these! So excited to work with new mediums in new ways. It is amazing what things look like with new eyes. I have read that you should step away from your paintings. I always use my blog pictures to find obvious mistakes. I also turn things every which way.
Gave Riki a half haircut, we split it up so he doesn't get so stressed. Did his feet and nails last week, trimmed and combed his head and butt today. John will bath him tomorrow and I will take some photos. He is so cute and I managed to get the miki triangle on his little face. What a sweet dog! 

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