Monday, January 2, 2017

Hemmed in

I remembered to take pictures while hemming my last pair of PJ's.
I serged all raw edges then I turned the waistband and ironed a narrow strip, then folded another 1.5 inches to make the pocket for the 1 inch elastic. Used two rows of topstitching for a nice finish.

For the cuff, I serged the raw edge and turned and ironed a small strip. Then folded 2 inches and ironed again. After ironing, sew with straight stitch at the top of that hem.
THEN here is the tricky part. Not really, but I couldn't figure out how I did it without taking an old pair apart.

Turn pants right side out and fold the bottom hem up another 1.5 inches. Press flat and top stitch at the top and the bottom of the cuff. Finished them off really nice.

My seams aren't straight but neither am I.

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