Thursday, June 8, 2017

Full Honey Moon

Miss Lucy lost a bunch of weight the first two weeks home. First, she was really fat when she got here from eating off the lunch truck with the guys at the soap plant. But then she lost a couple pounds before her surgery by "eating right". Poor thing probably really hates the food here. We feed a premium dog food but it is dog food after all. She healed up after her spay and is filling out. She got boney for a minute there, but looks nice and chubby again. She sure acts like she feels better. I had a little fun coloring her hair this week and can't wait for her to get her bath. She is one smelly girl, I had to put baby powder on her last night to cut the funk, I may do that again.

We are all mad at John for going out of town for work and the dogs have both left a message on his rug that he sits on with them. I did two peace mandala's this week but did not succeed in achieving any serenity. Just feel kind of pissed off and hungry. I will blame that on the fucking honey moon.

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