Saturday, July 1, 2017

oxide ink

You are not supposed to make mud with this product but I am trying! Over worked I do believe.

Took several attempts to turn the left brain off when sketching these columbine flowers.

So excited, I was stuck on how I wanted to make my next tarot deck. Since I have no art friends, I made my husband endure the thought process and he helped me decide what to do! I'm going to do a flower tarot using the meaning of flowers to match the card, for instance, Columbine means Fool. I used to use the language of flowers years ago when making Victorian type votive candle holders with pressed flowers. I put a little note in the package with the meanings.

I think I knew where I was going but I was just stuck. 

My neck is killing me today and I can't go out in the sun with my new medicine so I am trying to be bummed out.

Decided to blog instead...

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