Friday, August 11, 2017

oxide inks new colors!

Since I messed the other cards up by edging them I did that first on these. I used Garden Patina archival ink. It is a beautiful color.
Made room for my new oxide ink HAUL! 

Yes, I am spoiled and got all 12 new colors with re-inkers! I love them so much I don't even feel guilty. I sent my husband and Kourtney at Scrapbook N Memories had the stuff all bagged up and ready! 
She has great taste at CHA and always has exactly what you are looking for!  She will ship!

Really excited to have ALL the colors to work on my tarot deck. I "needed" the micro glaze sealer so therefore bought the whole new color way. OMG. I have a problem.

Made some color swatches so now I have to begin again. I've been putting it off.

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