Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Creative chaos

New beginnings.  I bought this wire lantern thingy at the pool store for fifteen bucks.  I'm going to make it into chimes.  Buster refuses to let me use the million dollar grooming devise so I use it for chime making.  

My studio is a wreck!  But I am totally inspired.

Spent yesterday using the dishwasher to distress my aluminum.  My husband wasn't real thrilled but no harm done. 

I use a plastic tray to gather any items that might make it special.  I can then return the drawers after each project and have the tray for the next project.

I have so many projects going at once the studio is a mess!

Tabled but not forgotten.  This is what I really want to work on but trying to heal the knot in my shoulder.  Wish I could figure out how to paint those baby heads without holding it with the other hand.  I guess I need to pace myself and not do it for forty eight hours straight.

Chime parts and pool basket.

These bells are ready to hang.

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