Tuesday, October 29, 2013

fruit crates and cigar box art storage

I have been collecting cigar boxes and fruit crates for the last eight years.  They say if you put your collection together it will have more impact.  I'm so happy with this art storage.  

I put my heavy chime parts in the wooden boxes and took photos of each interior for inventory purposes.  

Old coin.

Polymer clay.

Treasured metallic thread!


Sewing machine needles.  I picked up a baggy full of needles for only $3.00.  I can't even imagine what these would go for retail.  Another great find.

I really love the colors of the boxes combined with the crates.  I used magazine holders inside the bottom level to store my Somerset magazines.  Lower right shelf holds many journals I have completed the last eight years.
I store unmounted stamps in the humidor.  I bought this at Willie Aames garage sale.  One of my favorite things!