Monday, October 7, 2013

gelli prints

This is my favorite print of the session.  I used a heavy body pink over a thin yellow background.  I used very little yellow paint and pressed a texture plate to create the first layer.  All were printed onto deli paper. 

Combing fun.  Skip the scrapbook store and go to Home Depot for stylus tools.  Martha had a set with several for only 6.99.  I paid that for one at my favorite store.  Ouch.  I also drove 30 miles round trip. 

Foam stamps.  I carved the sea shell design on a take out piece of foam.  

Entire kitchen floor last night.  I don't know why I used the orange and yellow together.  Not my favorite color combo.  They hurt my eyes.  Maybe I need to print some black on those backgrounds.  Love the blues and purples!

My collection of stylus tools and other items I use for texture.  After choosing only one I got busy collecting cheap items I could use.  They all work and I LOVE the fossils.  

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