Sunday, October 26, 2014

craft closet

 My husband is not a small man, he had to contort a little to paint!

 Paper wall.

 Paper hamper.  Top collage, bottom tissue and napkins.

I moved my desk and even more supplies to the dining room.  I am embarrassed to say this is just my storage area.  I have even more crap in there.  Stuff I use every day.  My sweetie is going to build me a sewing table to keep in here.  We bought a cool base at a flea market a few months back.

 Sewing hamper.

 Entire hamper full of gelli printing supplies!  This does not even include my stencils.

I think I'm going to leave the doors off while we live here.  I much prefer looking at my stuff.
I have paper rolls in the top right skinny hamper.  You know, wax paper, deli paper, craft paper, freezer we really need all those different kinds of paper??  YES!

I had the great idea to store my pressed flowers under some of my mosaic supplies.  Freed up a lot of space in the closet and gave me something heavy to place on top.  They are also easier to access.  Once dried I put them on chinette paper plates and stack.
Finally have my craft hoard organized!  Much rather look at this than piles of crap everywhere.  The pictures tell the story.  Hope it gives you guys some ideas for storage.

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akartisan said...

I hadn't thought about hanging my papers over a diaper rack. I make marbled scarves and papers and use one of those to dry them, but not for the ones that ARE dry. I keep my dried flowers in old phone books. I found some scrapbooking albums with 12x12"plastic page protectors and I keep the stencils in those.