Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Gelli Arts you are #1 in my book!

I watch people on video's all the time gelli printing.  They calmly cycle through different supplies and make purposeful prints.  That is not how it happens at my house.  I go into some kind of fugue and can't print fast enough and all planning goes out the window.  I'd say that was a problem because the next day I never know what I'm going to be looking at but, that is exactly where I want to be, in that artistic fugue!  They posted that the gelli plate is the #2 best tool of the year.  I would have to argue the point.  I don't know what won first place but I'm sure it can't be as fun.
Just love this print.  Not my usual colors so excited to look at it this morning and see that the antique tobacco tin behind it in the photo must have inspired the color choices I made.  Isn't that cool?

I work with the blues and purples much more.  I liked the ones that had a little green involved.
This is a first pull of texture using the scratch foam I've been making.  I've done the entire package of 30 sheets and have one to hoard.  I should use silvery greens for this print because I used my giant blue elegance  hosta as a reference.  I think I need to try that right now!
 Used deli paper (dry waxed paper) to pull some first prints.
This was going to be my favorite of the night but I missed the middle stripe.  Hate when that happens.

 Took this one too far so three pictures down I put some white on it.  Ruined it I think.

I had my husband take my gelli printing hamper back to the craft room only to ask him the next day to bring it back to me.  Gelli you are #1 in my book!

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