Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Birthday haul

I'm so confused about trying to organize my pictures that I let a few hauls go by without posting! I found these pictures in the middle of everything so thought I would share. Really enjoying the archival inks in all the colors so bought a few of the Tim Holtz blenders. Then I found that bag of the gazillion flag stamps I had stashed and made one for each color. It made printing with my fish so fun and easy. I'm allergic to that ink so I have been using glove in the bottle lotion a couple times a day and tools instead of my hands! Even acrylic paint bothers me. The lotion has made a big difference in my hives. That's always a good thing. Then the Tuesday morning stencil city hauls. Love them.

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Aimeslee W. said...

Wow awesome hauls. Jelly of the archival ink reinkers. I have all the archival pads and all the distress reinkers and pads. The archival ones would have been better choice for working in layers, tho.