Monday, June 6, 2016

body mapping?

Okay, I got sucked into the whole body mapping journaling on facebook with the 1500 other girls. It was fun, it was different. I only did the first exercise and then tried not to look at what other people did that were ahead of me. Yeah, I joined the group. Then. Yesterday. Found out that in order to be "certified" it would cost quite a bit. Not I'm not sure of the scientology of certified but did realize that the dianetics of the whole deal is a bunch of shit. I don't enjoy being sucked into what I thought was a fun group of like minded people under the guise of making some big bucks on the internet. Be upfront people.
 So I hit that shit with my new colorburst and really happy with the page!
 I also started trying to figure out how to cover my office chair with this blue leather. It is challenging, I had decided to just applique the leather to the cover I had made out of the striped ticking. Well, I trimmed the original and totally messed it up. I wish I could just use a staple gun but instead will have to make a slipcover like the one I ruined. Makes it so hard to figure out how to piece the leather.

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Aimeslee W. said...

Oh, dear about the cushion. Is there a seamstress in town who could do it? Or an upholstery shop. I'd pay! Years ago we were looking for an area rug for our family room - Lowes and HD rugs too small. Went to an auto upholstery shop and asked. They said to buy the rug material at Lowes and bring it - they would bind the edges. 15 years later, still using both rugs! If someone will sew it up for you for $10-20, I'd call it worth it.

Sorry you got scammed. That body mapping crap looks like a scam, even if they didn't ask for money. I mean, go get an mri and alter it with paints, doodles, etc. Only way that means anything. I think all of us with pain know how to color a body shape in where it hurts, duh! xoxo