Thursday, December 8, 2016

In the studio

I've emptied my desk and tansu then got distracted melting blue stamps with metal bobbins and peace symbol beads.

 Had to break in the middle of the mess and glue down this fabulous paper towel to my 8x8 journal. Such vivid color, will be great to draw a zinnia page with it.

All this crap is for gelli printing. I had it in the tanker desk but then I found while printing I could not get to my texture, stencils, and papers.

Bottom drawer organized within reach with basic texture tools.
 Caroline Dube stencil storage idea with my art dolls for company. The flat containers also have stencils in them.
What is all that on the printer? Why, more stencils that were too small for the hanging system. Another Caroline Dube idea. I wish I could say that is all of my stencils but I have a bunch of glue masks I made that are impossible to store neatly. Also a bunch of random kid stencils and fossils that I always find a use for. 

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