Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New dylusion flip journal

 Broke my new dylusion flip journal in tonight! Also inked my watercolor coleus and did a little cross hatching instead of cross hatching every inch! I over work every thing. This journal already makes me feel lighter and even though I have been doing art I have been doing more surfing on pinterest than drawing. Fuck that gets so old, searching for inspiration when really all you need to do is pick up a freaking paint brush or pen and go for it.
 I tried to improve on the things that made my last sketch seem so flat. I'm going to mask the bright green and stems this time hoping it will make the pink pop without causing a muddy mess.
 Organizing always inspires me and I didn't like my pencils in this marker storage. It works great for that so I put my pencils back in the Ivory Soap box. Hoping that having the markers on my desk will encourage me to use them instead of letting them dry out in the drawer. I had to recycle a bunch today that makes me feel horrible that I didn't use some of them and they are dry as a bone. It was also uncomfortable when my husband ended up transferring the recycle. (I really didn't want him to see my terrible secret.) He didn't say a word.

I can tell that the oxide inks are going to be my new favorite so set up a new drawer just for them with their matching distress ink. At least with them I can always re ink them if they dry out. I did not buy the re-inkers for the oxides but glad to know that they are available if I need them. The madness needs to stop somewhere.

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