Saturday, May 20, 2017

Peace mandala

I had this nice silk ribbon but the colors weren't quite right so I dyed them with my inktense blocks. Fun!

The more color I get on this mandala the more I like it. I remember crocheting this doily right after the storm. I had lost all my patterns and this was the best I could find at the time. It took forever and I thought it was not lacy enough so put it away. So glad I found it because the very thing I didn't like about it before is what makes it perfect for this project!

Had to abandon this project for a while, when you can no longer feed yourself, it is time to put the mandala down! I really tried to get all the blue on the outside done so I could feel like I have done something. Good thing I am ambidextrous because I had to use my left hand today. So weird that I embroider right handed and am actually left handed, although I paint with both hands. I guess i crochet right handed too.

I recently started mousing with my left hand because my carpel tunnel is worse in the right hand from my past obsession with making temaris.  It feels so natural that it was no wonder I had no mouse control when I first started using my Gateway. I have often wondered if I would have bowled with my left hand, would I have been any better?

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